Monday, September 22, 2014

We got to spend a day with my brother and his family.  C was so kind to watch the babies at home while we went downtown Seattle for a few hours.  So glad our kids have cousins their age!

Fish&chips and clam chowder at Ivars.

The kids were so patient while Nick stocked up on some grilling rubs and other spices at World Spice.

Pic with the new market pig

Pic with the old market pig.

We had a great time walking around Pike Place Market.  Nothing beats a seattle summer!

Orcas Island Part 2

While we were on the island we went on a hike that had a few little waterfalls on the way.


See what I mean about the hand holding?  I can't get enough.  Sure glad these two are such good friends.

This was the biggest of the waterfalls.  Ask me sometime about the girl and steel drums at the waterfall.  Long story but definitely memorable!

We walked up to the base of the falls and you could even stand behind them.  It would make for some awesome pictures if I was a better photographer.

Where's Waldo.  Can you find Camille?

More blackberry picking!

The next morning we packed up at headed to the ferry.  The wait was  few hours so we went exploring again.

 Such a fun trip!  And so beautiful....sigh.

Orcas Island Part I

Now that some of our favorite camping buddies live close again, we couldn't wait to take a trip together.  We went to Orcas Island, one of the San Juan islands.  I still really miss living in Seattle.  It's basically my trifecta--trees, ocean and lake all in one.  Maybe I won't miss it so much come the rainy season. :)

We missed the ferry by just a few cars so we had a 2 hour wait until the next one came.  Luckily blackberry season was in full swing so we picked the juiciest berries we could find.  I always laugh when I see blackberries at the grocery store at crazy prices like $10 for 10 berries (ok not really but they are expensive!).  My dad was in a constant battle to get rid of blackberry plants in our yard growing up and any time you wanted some during the summer, you hop out of your car anywhere and start picking!

Ferry rides are fun, this was a spectacularly beautiful pathway.

We camped right on a lake and had our own private beach area for the kids to play.  We brought our kayak so we could take off on a little ride any time we wanted.  How amazing would it be to live on a lake by the ocean?!

This little one wasn't walking yet so we spread out a tarp for him to play on.  Surprisingly we managed to keep him pretty clean on this trip.

T rigged up a little shower for the kids.  They loved it!

We drove up to a lookout with a tower we climbed.  It was right at sunset, and we were up high enough that we could see fog down below.  Breathtaking.

The next morning we had some major bedhead going on.

Hard to get a pic of these girls without silly faces.

We went for a girl's hike.  I couldn't get enough of these little ladies holding hands!

I always expect to see Edward darting through the trees.

In the afternoon we headed to the ocean beach.  The kids had a good time playing in the sand while the adults relaxed a little.