Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Independence Day

Happy Birthday, America!  We celebrated our country's beginnings with a ward breakfast and kid's bike parade.  Then we headed over to the city parade.  I love parades.  This one was pretty hot but still fun for everyone.

It was fun to actually know a few people in the parade including our cute niece (waving)

We went home for a bbq and fireworks, then watched the stadium fireworks show from our yard.

As you can see, it was hard to keep E from touching the sparkers.  *Disclaimer* no children were harmed in the taking of these photographs.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our little dancer

Camille got take a beginner ballet/tap class this past year.  She loved it and picked it up pretty quick.  She was so excited about her recital at the end of the year, probably mostly because of the outfit and because I said she could wear makeup. :)

See what I mean?  She can hardly contain her excitement...

Her class was pretty small, which was nice for more one on one help.

They set up a backdrop afterwards that we could take pictures at.

Camille really got into it.

A few dance friends.

I can't help but giggle when I see these two in their matching shirts.  I'm sure W will hate me for it in about 10 years from now!

It's been hot, hot, hot in tri cities!  Like 105 every stinkin day for the last month or so.

New babies!  Welcome baby Caden!

Helping load the dehydrator

Loves him some blackberries!

Making his momma and daddy proud.  Fell asleep with a toothbrush in hand.

Cousin time

We had both of Nick's cousins over for Memorial Day weekend.  We have lots of good memories with both of them in dental was a lot of dental talk all weekend.  Either that or dota!  The moms snuck out for a kids free shopping trip.  Heavenly!

Love these in-action slide pictures.  It was all fun and games...for a few minutes at least until it got too hard to share and take turns.

R.I.P. old table!  We couldn't decide on a table we wanted, so when we happened upon this table someone set out on the curb, we picked it up for something in the meantime.  It served us well for a few months (not really, it was a gamble every time you sat down in a chair if it was going to fall apart on you!) until only one of the chairs had a back to it and we kicked it to the curb again.  In place we have a nice new folding table, haha.  One day we will have a nice table!