Tuesday, September 1, 2015


We had a fun ferry ride, I love ferry pictures  because pretty much nobody looks good; hair is always so crazy! :)

Fun at the Wilson's house

We went to a duck pond to feed the ducks.  Such a pretty setting!

Hard to get good pics of these hooligans.  We are grateful to be able to have some family living close by, it's sure fun to have good relationships and memories with cousins!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Snow day and Olympic Game Farm

We only had one snow day in Spokane this year after we moved there in Feb.  I suspected it might be our only one, so we took advantage of it and played in the little snow we had before it all melted!  This proves you only need an inch to have fun :)

Mr Melty Olaf

Snow angels in the grass...

And snowballs!

We spent a fun weekend in Seattle and one of our favorite things we did was the Olympic Game Farm!  It's a drive-through tour of a game park and you can bring bread and feed the animals out your windows.  Exhilarating, scary and just plain hilarious.

Camille fell asleep snuggled up with a loaf of bread

Some animals are fenced, many are not.  

It starts out pretty tame with some llamas. They were pretty friendly and eager to be fed.

This little yak was literally born a few minutes before this!

Camille was pretty nervous about feeding them, and rightfully so!  They stuck their heads right in the car!

Luckily the bears were fenced, but only by a small wire that I'm assuming was electric.

The elk were more intimidating, they were really tall!  Up close and personal with one

The scariest were the buffalo!  They were very aggressive and the rangers warned everyone to not stop their cars in the buffalo section or your car could get a herd gathered around it and you wouldn't be able to move.  Here's the warning:

4. NO STOPPING WITH THE ELK OR BISON. DAMAGE MAY OCCUR. DO NOT FEED THEM AT THE ENTRANCES TO FIELDS. MOVE FAR INTO THE FIELD BEFORE  FEEDING. MOVE AT A SLOW PACE AT ALL TIMES. Stopping with the bison will result in damage to your vehicle and the vehicles behind you will be a scratching post. 

My dad drove for me and kept leaning in so he didn't get licked from the side.

After driving through the park once, we squeezed everyone from our 2 cars into 1 so we could all enjoy the pandemonium together.

The car ahead of us was getting swarmed!

I have never seen an albino peacock, so cool!

Hopefully this video works.  It's a terrible video but it captures the laughter, panic and terror of going through the buffalo.  It's hard concentrate to take a good video when you're scared your going to get your head licked when you're turned the other way!

Love doing adventurous things with our family and making memories we won't soon forget!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Easter Festivities

We had fun in Spokane for Easter this year.  We dyed eggs with Aunt Amber who was staying with us for the week.

We checked out the Manito Park egg hunt.  There were lots of activities and hunts for the kids based on age.

The girls got to get their faces painted and they both picked beautiful butterflies. I think this is the first time they have ever had their faces painted.

Easter morning we got to do a little hunt around the house.  Winslow really started to get the hang of it, especially when he figured out that there was candy inside!

Luckily dad helped with the ones up high...

...and low :)

I didn't get pictures of the kids dressed up for church, but I'm sure they looked spiffy. :)  We are so grateful to have a day to celebrate and remember not just Christ's death, but his resurrection from death and the blessings we have as a result.  I know my Savior lives!