Friday, August 12, 2016


It's no secret that I have been terrible at catching up on here.  And if we're honest, I have been terrible about taking pictures!  I do pretty good on my phone camera, but it's a rare day when I pull out the "real" camera.  Such is life with 4 kiddos!  Here are a few from January.

Sweet sleeping baby

I have always loved this little sweater!

Here's Win in the same sweater

And Elle

Playing dress up when it's cold outside

I have pictures of each of our babes in this little skeleton shirt.  Sadly my photography skills haven't improved but I'm still glad I have them.  Can you tell them apart?!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Name and a blessing

Nick gave Hazel a beautiful blessing while we had lots of family in town for Christmas.  All of our girls have been blessed in a gorgeous dress that Nick's grandma had made for his mother's blessing.

So wonderful to have so many family members together.  We missed all that were not able to be there!

Some of the things Hazel was blessed with:

  • Strength
  • knowledge and wisdom, both spiritual and scholarly
  • an eternal perspective
  • the desire to learn continually
  • a desire to serve others
  • to be kind to to everyone around her
  • with a family that loves her, parents, siblings and extended family
  • a desire to serve her Heavenly Father
  • that when the time comes she will find somebody worthy to take her to the temple
Grateful for all of these blessings that can be hers if she lives righteously!

Hazel was fussing a little during her blessing so I was quick to try and take her after the blessing.  I should have known that Nick wanted to snuggle his baby, he is so proud of all of his sweet babies.  I got this pic of him, unfortunately blurry but I still love it.

Most of the girls that have been blessed in this dress.

Hazel's crazy hair, haha :)

The day after the kids were playing in the snow with their cousins.  Winslow came in a crying mess with snot down to his chin because he got in a snowball fight that he couldn't keep up with. As sad as it was, we laughed and laughed when we saw what a mess he was. Sorry for the graphic pics! :)

Christmas 2015!

It's so magical having little children at Christmas.  This year we hosted at our house.  My brother and his family, my mom and dad and my grandparents (mom's parents) came.  We missed my other 2 brothers and dad's parents but it was still great having everyone here to visit.

A fun tradition we have is that every Christmas Eve, Buddy the Elf (don't ask why) ding dong ditch's us with a package of Christmas pjs for everyone.  It's super exciting. :)

Terrible picture, but the best one I could get. :)

PJs and bedtime!

Christmas morning with their stockings!

Traditional poses by the tree

Hazel opening her wash and hairbows

Snuggles with Great Grandma

3 little girls happily peeling potatoes

My parent's flight was supposed to get in on Christmas Eve.  Due to some complications with the plane, they landed in the next city over and they weren't able to catch a flight out until the next morning.  We waited until the afternoon to open gifts.  The kids were so good and patient about waiting!  Instead of having a free-for-all when it was time to open them, we started out one at a time.  Win was the youngest next to H so he got to start us off.

As  soon as Win opened his train set, he was done!  All he wanted to do for the next 3 days was play with his trains.  Grandpa W showed him the ropes

Eleanor's face was priceless when she opened her beloved unicorn.  She named her Celestia.

Such a great, relaxing Christmas with family!