Thursday, January 7, 2016


My grandpa (mother's father) had a birthday 2 days before Christmas as we were lucky enough to celebrate it with him.  We tried to make it special for him; having a birthday right before Christmas is rough.  He said growing up his mother always made sure to keep it special for him, never using Christmas wrapping paper for gifts, etc.  He was turning 78, so you can imagine there isn't much he wants or needs for gifts at this point.  The girls made him breakfast in bed--grits with bacon and cheese and some hot cocoa.  Nick grilled some tasty BBQ for dinner and we made his favorite, german chocolate cake for dessert.

The kids loooove to  help with baking, it takes 4 times as long with their "help" but it's important to me that they learn to cook and bake and hopefully enjoy it.

Tasty dinner!

Working on those tiny neck muscles

Gift time!

All the kiddos and their Great Grandpa J

Licking the candles.  There was a big bite taken out of the ones W licked off, haha

A little dancing after dessert

W loves snuggling, he was in heaven with extra grandmas and grandpas to snuggle him all day.

Happy Birthday Grandpa J!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Senior Santa Claus

The kids got to meet Santa at our ward party.  It was so fun seeing their reactions.  Winslow asked for a train.  This boy always knows exactly what he wants.

Eleanor asked for a unicorn.  She's a dreamer alright.

Camille asked for an alarm clock.  Practical one, she is.

And the sweet wee one didn't ask for a thing.

I tried some pictures under the tree.  It's extra special to have a newborn this time of year and to think of the birth of our Savior.

H loves gazing at the Christmas lights.  Love the twinkle in her eyes.

Random Sunday pics.

Christmas Sunday best :)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Family Pictures

We loved having my mom come visit for a week after Hazel was born.  During her visit we lost power for 3 days.  It was a big challenge with 4 kids including a newborn with freezing temperatures outside, so I was grateful to have my mom here to help!  I felt a little cheated out of a fun visit with her, but things definitely happen for a reason, not sure I would have made it on my own.  We were blessed to have a way to keep warm and cook food, but everything took soooooo long and so much more effort than normal.  Add in 3 bored children and a newborn I was worried about staying warm and it put me at my breaking point!

 These pics were taken while we still had power :)

Snoozing her life away at 1 week.

Family photos is a phrase that strikes fear into Nick's heart.  I think he hates them more than the kids hate taking them.   Over the years we have learned a few tricks to make it a little more bearable but it's never very fun.  We managed to do it in 15 minutes and had a few that turned out decent enough.

The kiddos

We had H bundled up so you couldn't really see her in any of the family pics but she was there!

Newborn glamour shots

I took some baby photos of Hazel when she was 4 days old.  Newborn pics can be so frustrating.  Of course she was wide awake for them!  I managed to get some that I liked still.  Picture overload continues!

These aren't the fancy shots but I sure love the cute little faces babies make when they yawn.

Hazel was my smallest baby with an itty bitty little head.