Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Marvelous March

The backyard of the house we are renting is fabulous.  Because it is fully fenced I can let the kids play outside without worrying about them.  They love the swing set and beautiful landscaping to explore.

Reading one of their favorite books together.

Exploring one of our favorite parks.

So determined.  And don't you try to tell him he's not as big as his sisters! :)

Lazy afternoon sunshine.

Valentine's Day 2015

These first two pics are not from V-day but I love grandma's little helpers in the kitchen.  From Christmas time I think :)

We had our annual fancy family dinner. Crab, mmm!  Dad brought the girls home some Valentine's treats and of course they were so excited. Oh and we moved!

With one of my two main men

Camille took this pic and I'm impressed she got us both in! :) Love my Valentine!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Snow Day!

We had 1 or 2 snow days the whole winter so we took advantage of them!

Win the little marshmallow

Not loving it, Mom, it's cold and I can't move!

Daddy helping to build a snowman with the little bit of snow that we had.

November fun!

Cam got a new haircut.

It's always a good day when mom says we can get a "fun cart".  Man do I hate lugging those things around.  They are a beast to drive!  Those smiles make it worth it occasionally.

Jumping on the tramp together

Sharing sisters.

Win learned to walk!

Trying my hand at woodworking.  Excited about the possibilities now that I know how to use the saw and nail gun!

Cam put this sign on her door.  Cracked me up for some reason.  She is a sweetie.

A note to Alex.  Cam is still pretty sure she is going to marry him.

Love it when these guys play nice together!

Preschool turkey crafts

Eleanor's preschool class drew a picture and their teacher narrated them according to what they said.  These are not Eleanor's but they are pretty funny!

Wild driver

Thanksgiving we hosted the Wilson family in Pasco.  Our in laws were out of town and nice enough to let us use their house so we would have enough room for everyone.

Pig pile on Grandpa in the morning

Thanksgiving dinner!

We had a Favorite Things girl's party and did nails.

Eleanor's baby in her tummy creeped me out!